Reduce Technology Risks

•    Correct Segregation of Duty issues in ERP Roles and Responsibilities
•    Fix misconfigurations within and across ERP environments
•    Remove ERP process and transaction bottlenecks


Technology Risk Remediation

Many ERP customers get “bogged-down” verifying and correcting user access and control violation reports from their auditors or their application control reporting tools.  FulcrumWay ERP business application experts can help you correct security model deficiencies, misconfigurations and data inconsistencies. We rapidly reduce enterprise technology risk by using tools such as Business Application Roles Manager and Ontology-based Analytics specially designed to accelerate the remediation process. Our services helps you reduce time-consuming effort of removing “false positives” inherent in the complex ERP security models as well as accepting risks where compensating controls already exist.  Our clients save many months of effort each year.

We enable Application Administrators and Business Managers:

•    Remove False Positives and Correct ERP Security Design
•    Update key configurations that comply with business rules and policies
•    Embed real-time alerts, audit logs and workflows within ERP system

We can help fix ERP configuration parameters and setups that may not comply with the management approved baseline or may vary across ERP environments such as Dev, QA and Prod. ERP misconfiguration can occur during technical updates to ERP system through a programmatic change or a manual change by a privileged user that has access to ERP setups. Investigating misconfiguration and fixing these changes can be costly without the automated risk remediation tool that automatically notifies when certain ERP configurations or objects are changed.
We also help to overcome operational risks due to system bottlenecks that require manual “work-around” where the users perform key parts of a process outside the system. Such work-around can increase operational risks such as wrong levels of inventory, higher expenses and poor customer service. You can optimize operational efficiencies by using FulcrumWay ERP Controls Catalog to deploy embedded controls within the ERP system that can deliver instant benefits such as: Improved customer delivery by ensuring that sales orders are accurate and timely, reduce credit risks by monitoring orders outside the tolerance levels, revenue recognition compliance by identifying mismatch of revenue vs COGS and mitigate financial misstatements by monitoring period-end close.